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From Hadria


A spontaneous decision is what we are, if anything.

Started on September 17, 2011, we are an electronic duo that mostly does triphop. We do music for fun while we’re still hovering about. I would say many more things about us but I think this article says volumes of what you can expect :

I got really absolutely giddy that after one night of squealing about this new found inspiration and direction in life, we were already recognized. Many thanks to Crack In The Road for the push forward! x

We’re currently working on our first album that we’re hoping would be out by October this year. So while you wait, why not give our first track a listen and download it for free?

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Pets are like horcruxes.

You give your soul–your love–to every one of them and to have them ripped away from you in a second… well, it just makes you feel like shit, doesn’t it? I’ve recently bought ducks for pets (just for shits and giggles–at first) and after a few days, I just felt so connected with them. And to have them die on me one by one… I feel like my heart just being beaten up savagely, ripped to shreds, and fed to the most horrible beasts you can think of.

Nobody knows what I feel right now unless they’ve went through the same predicament I’m going through right now. To everyone else, they might just be ordinary ducks or dogs or cats or whatever you have but they didn’t feel their fragile heart beat against the palm of your hands, on the tips of your fingers. It’s hard. It really is.

RIP Nathan and Freddie. I’ll always remember the way you waddle towards me, seeking for warmth and shelter. The way you cuddle against my bosom to sleep. The soft squeak of your voices. Especially Nathan–with your lovely brown-ashen fur, you were such a scaredy cat but you’ve found comfort in us… I’ll miss you the most.

//Edit 8.15.11: Death crept without a word, and I awoke to the silence. It hurts more when you’ve seen her suffer through it. I’m sorry, Alisha… I tried. I should have taken care of you when you needed me earlier. And now it hurts more.


It’s been a while! I know. My thoughts have been bottled up inside for far too long already. Unfortunately, this won’t be about those said thoughts. This will be about how I’ve been spending my days lately. I’m a bit lazy to elaborate more on what happened but I’ll give a proper overview of things.

Interesting thing happened last Wednesday was when we went to the Freedom of Information forum at AIM in Makati for the discussion of the passing of the bill. It was actually the first time I’ve heard about it fully but it’s always good to learn something new about how goes the political world. I’m horrendously inept with it, honestly. But you can check us out on TV here.

And I am so thankful that I’ve been getting opportunities to work freelance. I honestly cannot find myself learning to work in the corporate world. I have a really short fuse for patience and I know I just won’t be for it. Maybe some people are comfortable with it, but I know I’m not. Hence, thank you to HelpLabs for this opportunity. Check out their page and like them here.

As for Graphika Manila (and we’ve been anticipating this event for so long), it was a bit of a let down, really. Last year was better (infinitely with the added epic after-party) and the Filipino speakers were better this year (Pride!). How I wish that PhunkStudio would come back next year (or what we’ve been planning to visit them in Singapore like we promised).

Hopefully, next year would be better. It’s going to be our annual thing.

And that week, I’ve learned how to play Monopoly Deal! So fun. Aaaand bought myself thigh-high socks (for what? I will never know) and my sister and I halfed a cute ditty scarf. I wanted to buy a bowler hat (like I’ve been craving like fuck) but it ranged from two thousand or so. I just spent seven thousand in two days and have nothing extra more to spend. That’s like a month’s pay. I am insane.

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7.14.2011 — A large thank you to the lot of you on my special day! I got a bit lazy writing this so I might write a longer one soon! Soz x

I’ve grown up with Harry Potter and I’m proud to say I’m a part of this literary generation. I’ve noticed that before, people (especially teenagers) weren’t particularly fond of reading literature. I read some, but none more than this series could retain my interest. My grandmother came by for a visit on my birthday and asked me what was so significant about Harry Potter. I know many think of it as nothing more than another popular fiction novel but for those who grew up with Harry as he did, it’s different. He’s like a brother to us.

He inspired us to be better in English (especially with grammar and spelling) and he gave us the freedom to explore the depths of our imaginations. Whenever I read Harry Potter, I feel a certain connection to the characters that the emotions being depicted in the stories would transfer to me. And now that the novels are over, and the films are finished being screened all over the world, there’s a certain emptiness to it.

Growing old with Harry Potter was wonderful and now it’s over… I feel like I have some growing up to do. But like Peter Pan, deep down inside… I know I never want to. But—

It all ends here.

ADDENDUM: Special thanks to my boyfriend, Harry Santos for the awesome Tablet, domain, and Art Book Box set for my birthday! You’re the best! x

I’m sure everyone has already thought of making their own OST but right now, since I’m a bit inspired to write I think I have more motivation to go through with it. Jotting down a list was my first thought but then I figured that I would rather do it in a more unconventional way by stating it to a day filled with music themes. Maybe I’ll find myself turning it into a little filmlet. We’ll never know. It all depends on my boredom.

Disclaimer: I don’t hold any claims over the music that I will be posting alongside the scenes I’ve written. I only own my words.


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Waking up with barely any sleep. My eyes strained to open against the blinding light from my windows, the blinds barely protecting me from the harsh morning. I stretched out my body, releasing a tired yawn. I looked around my room barely getting any glimpse of the time. I glanced down and reached for my phone that was placed conveniently under my bed. My eyes narrowed at the time and cursed at the wasted morning. Then again, I wasn’t really fond of it anyway. I shook my head and proceeded to rest and imagine different types of scenarios that could happen that day.

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Feeling positive about the day, my second waking up seemed a bit more cheery. So many plans for the day but it seemed as if there wasn’t enough time to do all of them. So I go downstairs and check the kitchen to see if brunch was already served. In all my giddiness before, it completely washed away as I saw the empty table. I shrugged my shoulders and turned towards the living room for a bit of television viewing.

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I feel bad.

The clock was ticking away and I was there on my couch, wasting away the borrowed time. I stretched my aching muscle joints and figured that maybe the rest of the day would turn out better. I waited some more.

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Maybe a jolt of my creative juices would make this day more productive! Or maybe a little bit of dance around the house without anyone watching (because god forbid someone see my horrid dancing).

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After quite a tiring bounce around, I’ve figured a calm state of mind was needed to hush my rapidly beating heart. I throw myself against the worn-out couch and took in deep breaths. And then I thought to myself, I’ve been doing this same routine for the past few months. I’ve gone mental.

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Maybe it’s time to fly away from the nest. I’ve been living in luxury for too long and I realized there were bigger things outside of these four-cornered walls. But the warmth egged me on to stay and I just couldn’t say no as easily as I wanted. I spared a glance towards the nearest window and saw the sun’s rays were slowly dwindling and night will soon come.

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Dinner seems so insignificant now. Thoughts were making me full and the idea of tomorrow plagued me.

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I felt like throwing things. More like the stuffed toys I had lying around because let’s face it, I can’t afford breaking anything.

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Better take out the dubstep–

[soundcloud url=""]

–or yeah, just go out and get piss drunk with some of my best mates.

Tomorrow will just have to wait.

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End note: I’m so glad the songs I want were in Soundcloud! Hee.

Me and History.


Five years ago, I took photographs of the most random but beautiful things. The most unexpected shots, I thought, were the most stunning. And it bears truth until now. I’ve always loved a good candid shot. It never fails to keep me entertained and keeps me wondering… how in Earth did I get to capture this?

I took this photo with my mum’s old Samsung cellphone a few years ago. I’ve always loved the lighting in this shot and how it depicts innocence and freedom (to each his own, js). After this shot, I’ve figured that…  I want to keep shooting. And so I did. I didn’t have a fancy DSLR or even a digicam, but I made-do with my crappy cellphone camera. But now that I have my own SLR, it doesn’t make it as special. I don’t know why. The photos are prettier, the quality is better, but it’s just another generated photo. It’s quite depressing for me, really. All the ideas that I have in the world won’t make do because it’ll be another “oh, that’s been done” photo. But it’s all good. I’m quite impressed with some people’s works that I’ve seen recently.

But even though everything’s been so-so lately, (which reminds me–I haven’t even blogged about my graduation yet), I’m glad I’m still fond with taking photographs. Now I hope I’ll still feel the same in a couple of years.

And I do hope this blasted writer’s block that I have would just go the fuck away.