So what’s next?


I haven’t written any non-fiction in a while. I miss just mindlessly typing away on my blogs just because I felt like it. Emotions were and always have been the source of all of my inspirations. It’s been a while since I’ve felt like writing and today, I feel like forcing myself to do so. Why? Because it’s not right to just wait for something to come. You can’t expect for things to go your way easily.

It’s not like when I was young, where everything will go as what my parents wanted it to go. It was easy because I didn’t have to think for myself as much. Yes, my likes and dislikes were a factor but then I was deemed young and didn’t know any better. Now it’s different.

Graduating university is held of high esteem. I see some of my former classmates graduate and notice that all of us are going through the same paths. Growing up. I am jealous. Jealous that they know what they want in life. That they’re happy with how they’re going about it. I am still in the learning stage where I don’t know myself as fully as they do. I am inspired by all the little things in the world and I’m curious how I’m going to go about finding a career with just inspiration to get through the day.

I was asked by an old friend before, “What’s next for Adrienne Nicole Bernal?”

And I didn’t know how to answer that question. I was given such admiration and such promise that he knew that I am going to be something great. I just hoped I knew the same thing that he did. When I was a kid, I wanted to be everything. I wanted to be a doctor, a scientist, an astronaut, a writer, an artist, an actress, a model, a singer… I wanted to be everything that I had felt like I should be at that moment.

What of now? I’m still the same. I still have those urges that I want to be something. I know that I could be but words were very different from taking action. And maybe, somehow, one of those wants could be the right one for me. But life is given little to no choices at all. Freedom is for the rich. The government has taken away something that I could have had a future in. Why prevent such a beautiful thing from blossoming because of your greed? But anyway.

Travelling will be my number one priority in life.

I was a homebody and still am, apparently until I have reached studying in university. I wasn’t much of the going out-type however my views were changed. The world was too beautiful to ignore and the photos I’ve seen in books or on the internet didn’t cut it unless I was the one who took them. I wanted to take people and their breaths away by my visions, my words, and my emotions that I’ve invested in all the art I’ve made.

Maybe that’s why I want to work in Studio Ghibli someday because they did just that… with me.

I want to influence. I want to inspire. I want my name to be uttered because of what I’ve made them feel (be it anger or happiness).

Just maybe… the career that I’m destined for isn’t precise. Maybe I’m just one of those people that make you feel and realize things. Like Ghandi, Da Vinci, or Hitler. Then again, that isn’t a career and that won’t feed me on a daily basis. It’s a thought, though. What I could be in the future would be the one to change it.

/long blog post is long.



8 Responses to “So what’s next?”

  1. 1 zack_falcon


    Oh, don’t go emo on yourself, dear.

    We’re all going through the same thing. Some (like me) are just better at hiding things than others. I mean, really, really, better.

    I had a classmate that was a complete nerd back in High School. Everything according to plan. She won’t graduate on time. Because she loves her internship in Singapore too much.

    My dad told me to plane for “What you want to be in life”. Well, maybe back in his day when only 2 out of 10 were professionals, that would be fine.

    Today, life is like StarCraft II. Plan for something, see the world, change, re-plan accordingly. I learned the hard way that “You can’t hang on to Dreams.”

    • Hahaha heeey sweetie! Wow you’re fast! I haven’t even posted the link up yet and you saw I updated. :P you stalker. Lol. I actually totally agree with what you said. And hey, I’m allowed to be emo once in a while! ;)

      I think that’s how most parents would go about it. Mine, though, wants me to go apply for any job for the experience. I just can’t commit for six months without losing my mind completely with just taking any job that will come my way. I have to actually like it.

      Don’t be such a pessimist! Haha. Dreams are bridges that let us pass through our stream of consciousness and let us get through the day with renewed vigor that we deserve better than we are getting! It is a goal. D:

      /incessant rambling

      • 3 zack_falcon

        No, see, for some reason, these things pop up in my mail.

        And I’m not a pessimist. I’m a realist. :P

      • Hahaha! So your mail is my stalker? :P I think you subscribed to my posts that’s why you’re getting emails. Haha! Pssh what’s the diff! Kiddin’ ;)

      • 5 zack_falcon

        Yeah, that would be it. Everytime I log on, OMG, I hope it’s from her*…. then I get this instead. :)


      • You are insufferable. Hahaha! And I can be the ‘her‘ you’re waiting for. ;)

      • 7 zack_falcon

        Lol. I meant… her her*…

        Okay, I’m gonna stop now.

        What, no new content? You’re getting slow, dear. :P

      • Hahaha I’ve been busy. :P I’m going to update soon, though! I hope! Hahaha! :P

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