Tickles your ear fanny.


Now lately, I’ve felt that I have neglected all my fictions with all my hubbabaloos and laziness so I’ve decided to renew my inspirations. I must admit, it’s hard. Real hard. Finding your muse after a five-year hiatus (insufferable writer’s block, more like) has controlled my urge to continue writing. For the past two years, I’ve tried to start novels that ended up with either having two chapters worth or just the prologue up. And I’m not very proud of it.

Looking for inspiration is like looking for Waldo. Seems impossible, doesn’t it? People say that you just have to wait for it to come to you. Let it hit you. Well what if it just left you and you’re absolutely lost with how you’re going to go about it next? Doesn’t it frustrate you? Doesn’t it want you to just swallow up the building tension and get on with it? Your blank paper won’t be as white as you remember it (unless you’ve kept it neatly in your drawers). But it should be used. It deserves to be used.

For those who have suffered through the same torture, here are some tips (that you probably already knew but keep reading anyway and just humour me): Start off with an idea in mind. Where do you get ideas, you may ask–and easy enough, it’s everywhere. Just spot the thing that catches your eye, imagine a scene, a script, a life for that certain thing and it’ll get your creative juices flowing. How to maintain it? Well, music always works for me. You started listening to a song that doesn’t jive with the jam you have on? It’s okay. You don’t have to squeeze it in for it to fit your current story. You can always start a new one (and this one doesn’t have to be novel-length. It could pretty well be a short poem just to express the thought).

But always remember, a new muse can very well end the progress of your current one so be careful. Try leveling the inspirations and check how it will relate to your current project. Preferably, try to listen to your song continuously. It’ll embed the emotions in you. It will probably numb you after a while so try to use the effect as much as you can before the feeling is squeezed entirely out of you.

Music is my savior. And maybe, it’ll work for you guys too!

Here’s a list that you can give a listen to. They’ve been through a lot with me and helped me finish/continue some of my favourite works.

I used this song for a lot of my serious or dramatic poetry and fictions. Specifically, some of my old prose were inspired by this song. Overdose and Wilt are among them.

This artist is just brilliant. Honestly, his whole album could be used as inspiration. I haven’t tried him out yet (since I’ve been recently lazing about) but I am hoping to use this particular song as an inspiration to continue on with my novel, “Flight of Stares.”

Honestly, I think Final Fantasy has some of the most awesome soundtracks ever. This song just exudes inspiration all over. If I remember correctly, most of my fanfiction were written while listening to this song. Lights Out is one of them. Not only is it good for inspiration, it can also be used as a lullaby when you feel insomnia has taken way too long on your schedule.

Preferably, I listen to instrumentals or electronic music more when I write but this song has also been with me for a while. I use this song when I feel like I should write a happy story or a scene that needs a more optimistic vibe. I recently used this song for a wedding shoot I did with my boyfriend and I say, this song has made that experience ten times better.

And sometimes, there are instances where songs with lyrics are actually the only ones who would help you get through a writer’s block. The words being sung would give you ideas as you go along with writing. And you won’t notice it, but your fingers are going on and on and on without you noticing it.

There are a lot of beautiful songs that you can use to let those juices flow and it’s just about looking for the right one that depicts your mood. Ride it out. And if I get some responses, I might just post a full list of songs that are of possible use.

Now go along, writers. Spread your ideas, emotions, and experiences through your literature. Let me read you.


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