What I Have Been Up To


March 25, 2011.

So my mum’s home for my sister’s graduation! Hurrah! We’ve missed her! :)

We went to Shakey’s for lunch (which should have been Racks that I’ve been craving but my sister wants pizza). It has been a tiring month for me, really (projects and laziness, alike). Anyway, congratulations little sister! We’re very proud! x

March 27, 2011.

We went to Alabang for Church this weekend. We haven’t in so long so it’s a bit of a welcome relief. We ate at Racks (finally!) for lunch. Awesome awesome awesome. My hunger for ribs was satiated.

It was interesting to eat with my whole family again. The noise at our table was pretty much the center of attention (or so I’d like to think because we were pretty loud).

Now, the best part of my day was when I asked my parents if I could buy myself new headphones since my sister destroyed mine. I told them I would pay for it since I had some money saved and well… they bought me one as a present anyway!


You can just imagine how giddy I was! Very giddy.

So my mum decided to let us bask in luxury as we shopped till we literally dropped. She bought new clothes, new glasses, and a new iPhone. Ah, life. So whilst waiting for them to finish their spending, my little sister Mai and I decided to go look for a place to sit down and chill. We ended up going to Jollibee for burgers and french fries. Guess who we saw while roaming around!

Hello there, JGL and Zooey!

So there you go! There were a lot more (like helping with Cat’s coverage of a graduation and some others) but I’m too lazy to type it right now. I might post photos instead the next time! :)


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