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Pets are like horcruxes.

You give your soul–your love–to every one of them and to have them ripped away from you in a second… well, it just makes you feel like shit, doesn’t it? I’ve recently bought ducks for pets (just for shits and giggles–at first) and after a few days, I just felt so connected with them. And to have them die on me one by one… I feel like my heart just being beaten up savagely, ripped to shreds, and fed to the most horrible beasts you can think of.

Nobody knows what I feel right now unless they’ve went through the same predicament I’m going through right now. To everyone else, they might just be ordinary ducks or dogs or cats or whatever you have but they didn’t feel their fragile heart beat against the palm of your hands, on the tips of your fingers. It’s hard. It really is.

RIP Nathan and Freddie. I’ll always remember the way you waddle towards me, seeking for warmth and shelter. The way you cuddle against my bosom to sleep. The soft squeak of your voices. Especially Nathan–with your lovely brown-ashen fur, you were such a scaredy cat but you’ve found comfort in us… I’ll miss you the most.

//Edit 8.15.11: Death crept without a word, and I awoke to the silence. It hurts more when you’ve seen her suffer through it. I’m sorry, Alisha… I tried. I should have taken care of you when you needed me earlier. And now it hurts more.