So have you sucked out the venom yet?


So finally.

And I do say finally with such passion–if you could hear it, yeah.

I am done with my defense and all I’m left to do now is a little tweaking of the manuscript (interestingly enough, formality was above creativity) and quite a few hours of community service. Kind of like Misfits, isn’t it? I quite fancy a few drinks to celebrate tonight but rather, I spend it here in front of the blazing LCD of the laptop and I am missing my old files.

I quite miss my family’s incessant jubilant laughter as well.

Nowadays the house feels like an empty shell of what it was before. Maybe I’m just growing up and noticing the little things that I’ve found little of proper significance. Maybe. I find it disorienting, to say the least. But I am resilient! I conquer!

Aside from what happened today, it was confirmed that Robert Sheehan would indeed be leaving Misfits and won’t be part of the Season 3 this coming October. What a cunt. Anger just radiates throughout my being. He’s one of my favourite characters and to hear that he won’t be there as you’ve hoped… it is infuriating.

However, the new Rudi character sounds quite the interesting one. Here’s possible information regarding the casting:

18-25. Any race, any accent.

Rudy is the new regular member of the MISFITS gang. Rudy is constantly positive and ‘up’ – the kind of guy that won’t take no for an answer from a girl. He is outrageous, rude and very funny.

When Rudy was struck in the storm he developed the ability for the depressed and ‘down’ side of his personality to manifest itself into another version of Rudy, known as Dark Rudy. Dark Rudy constantly reminds Rudy about all the most embarrassing moments of his life which he’d rather forget. He has a darkly mischievous feel to him, rather like Tyler Durden in ‘Fight Club’.

Most of the time Rudy is ‘up’, joking and pissing around, but when Rudy feels low or his ego takes a blow (e.g. a girl rejects him) Dark Rudy appears.

At the start of the series Rudy and Dark Rudy have an uneasy relationship, fighting and arguing with each other.


Not much else I could say except they better pick a bloody good actor.

On a side note: I found a new TV series I can fawn over if it’s good enough, “Parks and Recreation.” Sounds good?


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