My own OST: Faded Glasses and Illumination


I’m sure everyone has already thought of making their own OST but right now, since I’m a bit inspired to write I think I have more motivation to go through with it. Jotting down a list was my first thought but then I figured that I would rather do it in a more unconventional way by stating it to a day filled with music themes. Maybe I’ll find myself turning it into a little filmlet. We’ll never know. It all depends on my boredom.

Disclaimer: I don’t hold any claims over the music that I will be posting alongside the scenes I’ve written. I only own my words.


Waking up with barely any sleep. My eyes strained to open against the blinding light from my windows, the blinds barely protecting me from the harsh morning. I stretched out my body, releasing a tired yawn. I looked around my room barely getting any glimpse of the time. I glanced down and reached for my phone that was placed conveniently under my bed. My eyes narrowed at the time and cursed at the wasted morning. Then again, I wasn’t really fond of it anyway. I shook my head and proceeded to rest and imagine different types of scenarios that could happen that day.

Feeling positive about the day, my second waking up seemed a bit more cheery. So many plans for the day but it seemed as if there wasn’t enough time to do all of them. So I go downstairs and check the kitchen to see if brunch was already served. In all my giddiness before, it completely washed away as I saw the empty table. I shrugged my shoulders and turned towards the living room for a bit of television viewing.

I feel bad.

The clock was ticking away and I was there on my couch, wasting away the borrowed time. I stretched my aching muscle joints and figured that maybe the rest of the day would turn out better. I waited some more.

Maybe a jolt of my creative juices would make this day more productive! Or maybe a little bit of dance around the house without anyone watching (because god forbid someone see my horrid dancing).

After quite a tiring bounce around, I’ve figured a calm state of mind was needed to hush my rapidly beating heart. I throw myself against the worn-out couch and took in deep breaths. And then I thought to myself, I’ve been doing this same routine for the past few months. I’ve gone mental.

Maybe it’s time to fly away from the nest. I’ve been living in luxury for too long and I realized there were bigger things outside of these four-cornered walls. But the warmth egged me on to stay and I just couldn’t say no as easily as I wanted. I spared a glance towards the nearest window and saw the sun’s rays were slowly dwindling and night will soon come.

Dinner seems so insignificant now. Thoughts were making me full and the idea of tomorrow plagued me.

I felt like throwing things. More like the stuffed toys I had lying around because let’s face it, I can’t afford breaking anything.

Better take out the dubstep–

–or yeah, just go out and get piss drunk with some of my best mates.

Tomorrow will just have to wait.


End note: I’m so glad the songs I want were in Soundcloud! Hee.


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