His words flowed through his fingers every time he touches the surface of white and black. Like eloquence of calming seas and pomegranates of red and white, and trees that swayed with the breeze in the seemingly endless spring. His words will reach her ears in time with the wind that passes and she would rock in rhythm while humming the tune of her past hauntings. Another note to hold, and another song to sing and behold. Eyes that tinted black will light in gleeful sonnets and white wedding dresses would come tainted in lover’s make believe stories. Come, my darling, let’s behold another day and sing our songs of praises and await the new morning.

Another day to say
I loved you

But he never did return the laughter that escaped her lips a long time ago, and her chest rose again with the feeling of contentment when he opened his mouth but the words would not come out. Never once did she doubt that he was just there and she would still wait and wait and wait for another decade, another lifetime wasted. She was always there with her arms wide open, ready to accept him finally and see to it that their once upon a time would end with a happily ever after.

Another dose of
reality gone







Head up in the clouds, still she waited. In hopes of changing his belief and faith, because she was all she knew he needed and all he knew was worth it. And someday he’ll figure it out and keep her in his arms, locked with his head rested upon her shoulders and hands entangled with hers. Like what she always wanted and always needed. In her dreams of daytime and night, he’ll be with her in time.


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