Static proportions.


For the past months, I have tried to figure out what type of life I would want to lead when I am finally required to do so. As the saying goes, I’m not getting any younger. There are some careers that would be better off not being pursued here for me, in my honest opinion. I would love to work in the industry, it has been my utmost dream to work in Television and Film, but the projects here is not of my taste. It seems as if the stories that are being produced are of the same wavelength as it has been over the past fifty years.

No change at all.

There are a lot of films and series that I wished I had something to do with. Recently, I have had the pleasure to watch Hanna. It is an absolutely brilliant film and a definite must-watch, honestly. It’s actually reminiscent of a young Kill Bill and if you liked that, then you should definitely take the time to watch this. The plot, the way it was handled and directed, the acting… utterly breathtaking. Worth the money and time.

Psychoville is a series that people might not be too savvy to watch or give a go because of its slightly different vibe. It becomes consequently too dark for most people and too heavy for the heart in some episodes. But it is quite brilliant in its own way. I suggest you watch the Halloween Special of the series because it will freeze you in the spot if anything. Scary, brilliant psychotic stuff.

And a series that has crept its way to one of my utmost favourites would be Misfits. The characters are darling and the story (especially the plot around Alisha and Simon) is endearing. The editing was the one that took my breath away, though. The colour treatment could possibly be my most fave of all (eerily similar with Psychoville, too).

There are a lot of others that have caught my eye but basically, all I’m saying is that I wish that the Filipinos who work in the industry would finally see that it’s time for a change. Be it minimal or a complete one, I think it’s time that they see that scripts about the poor guy/girl falling in love with the rich guy/girl is overrated and abuse in the household is already too much. We’ve seen it before, so how about trying out a decent plot that would actually stimulate our imaginations? And no, I’m not talking about a superhero with a lot of bling bling superpowers that would save humankind (we have enough of those already as well). Just a thought.


4 Responses to “Static proportions.”

  1. hey :) super agree that Filipino TV shows need to start evolving for the better. Hanna was super epic! :)

  2. 3 Pablo

    I thought Hanna was a rip-off of “Le Femme Nikita”
    almost the same plot line
    with the same female assassin main character heroine.
    Try watching the American version of Nikita too….
    “Point Of No Return” which was waaay better in my opinion.
    That’s why Hanna tanked I guess in the box office..
    everyone was going like ..”hmmm I’ve seen this movie before….”

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