You want to be high for this.


I ain’t washing my sins.

And I’d rather really not if this mixtape has anything to do with it. I was introduced to this brilliant, brilliant artist by a good friend of mine a few weeks back and as soon as I gave “Wicked Games” a listen… well, there’s no turning back. This is probably the best album that I’ve had in my iTouch for a while now and has been on repeat for the whole while. Now I’m terribly obsessive when it comes to good songs and I find it hard to walk away from all of his. But more so particularly with the aforementioned song. Although, lately, I have had the affinity for “The Knowing” and “Loft Music” as well.

The whole album is just utterly brilliant (I can’t quite stress it enough). Words cannot truly describe how I feel for it. Although a lot of people have compared him to Drake and Frank Ocean, in my opinion they are nothing compared to Toronto’s Abel Tesfaye‘s sex-esque voice. Most of his lyrics are referring to the high lifestyle where sex, drugs, alcohol, and women (or men for the ladies) are the main components. The rawness of the words are sung from experience and you can just feel the goosebumps forming from them.

The Weeknd is on his way to the top and he deserves the utmost recognition. His whole mixtape is available to download for free on his website.

Open your hand, take a glass. Don’t be scared, I’m right here. Even though, you don’t roll. Trust me girl, you wanna be high for this. // xo till we overdose.


2 Responses to “You want to be high for this.”

  1. great review! thanks for introducing me to the weeknd as well! I blame my addiction to wicked games to you! super chill and triphop-ish :D

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