Me and History.


Five years ago, I took photographs of the most random but beautiful things. The most unexpected shots, I thought, were the most stunning. And it bears truth until now. I’ve always loved a good candid shot. It never fails to keep me entertained and keeps me wondering… how in Earth did I get to capture this?

I took this photo with my mum’s old Samsung cellphone a few years ago. I’ve always loved the lighting in this shot and how it depicts innocence and freedom (to each his own, js). After this shot, I’ve figured that…  I want to keep shooting. And so I did. I didn’t have a fancy DSLR or even a digicam, but I made-do with my crappy cellphone camera. But now that I have my own SLR, it doesn’t make it as special. I don’t know why. The photos are prettier, the quality is better, but it’s just another generated photo. It’s quite depressing for me, really. All the ideas that I have in the world won’t make do because it’ll be another “oh, that’s been done” photo. But it’s all good. I’m quite impressed with some people’s works that I’ve seen recently.

But even though everything’s been so-so lately, (which reminds me–I haven’t even blogged about my graduation yet), I’m glad I’m still fond with taking photographs. Now I hope I’ll still feel the same in a couple of years.

And I do hope this blasted writer’s block that I have would just go the fuck away.

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