Brit Comedy on the Telly


So my preference for British comedy has outdone itself again. Whilst waiting for Misfits series 3, I figured I better amuse myself rather than waste time (you might be thinking that I’m crazy for thinking about a new series to watch than to look for a job well, bleh). I have watched The Inbetweeners before and quite liked it (thanks for telling me about it, JV!).

Now I took it upon myself to write down a list of Brit shows that gained my interest and possibly, yours as well.

1. Pete Versus Life

Rafe Spall stars as twenty-something Pete, a struggling sports writer. Although well meaning, Pete often lacks the emotional maturity required to deal with life’s more intricate problems. Pete wishes that life had clearly defined rules… like sport does. But life isn’t like sport, as Pete is only beginning to realise.

2. Psychoville

Psychoville is a dark character comedy mystery in which five different characters are strangely linked.

The main characters are: Mr Jelly, an embittered one-handed clown who makes balloon animals with his hook; Joy, a desperately misguided midwife; Robert, a lovestruck dwarf; Mr Lomax, a blind avaricious collector; and David Sowerbutts, a serial-killer-obsessed man-child.

All five are at first seemingly unconnected, but we know they share at least one thing in common… despite having different backgrounds, different interests, and coming from different parts of the country, they have each been sent an anonymous, black-edged card marked with the words: “I know what you did…”

3. Phoneshop

PhoneShop centres on the working day of the employees of a mobile phone shop, the like of which you can find in every high street and shopping mall across the country. On the mean, cut-throat UK high street, the priority is to “shift units, make money, smash targets…” and no one knows that better than the staff of PhoneShop. But with top salesman Little Gary Patel back in jail, the staff’s position as ‘Kings of the High Street’ may be in jeopardy for the first time.

4. Not Going Out

Not Going Out is a light-hearted, fast-paced mainstream sitcom based around the life of a man un-burdened by ambition or drive. Lee deflects criticism and bad news with his trademark wit and one-liners but deep down he is looking for love, a steady job and a flat he can call his own.

5. Dirk Gently

Anti-hero Dirk Gently operates his eponymous detective agency based on the fundamental interconnectedness of all things. Perpetually broke, hopelessly chaotic and utterly infuriating, most people suspect Dirk is nothing more than a cheap conman. And they might be right – but nevertheless his methods, though unusual, do often produce surprising results.

6. Sex and the Chippy

A female-centred sitcom pilot for E4, being considered as a possible companion to The Inbetweeners.

The show is based around a Liverpool chip shop and will follow three women in their early 30s and recount their exploits over the course of a night out.

7. The Thick of It

Caustic comedy, set in the corridors of power. This satirical sitcom focuses on the civil servants, the PR team and ministers who work for the (fictional) Department of Social Affairs and Citizenship.

Malcolm Tucker (Peter Capaldi) is the Prime Minister’s Director of Communications. He uses bullying, intimidation and lots of swearing to try and keep The Department of Social Affairs and Citizenship in the press for the right reasons, but out of the press whenever there is something that needs covering up.

8. White Van Man

Ollie reluctantly puts his dreams of running a restaurant on the back burner when his ailing father turns to him to take over the family handyman business. Unfortunately for Ollie, the business comes complete with a dodgy van, some questionable tips and an even dodgier assistant.

9. This is Jinsy

A surreal sitcom set on Jinsy, an island whose 762 residents are monitored by 1,067 tessellators. These tessellators include video cameras for surveillance as well as little screens to allow the residents to watch important island events, such as the tri-annual island cow wash (live from Glotters field). They also include a handy slot for paying fines, and a sphincter nozzle for product and pill downloads.

10. Rev

Rev is a contemporary sitcom about the enormous daily frustrations and moral conflicts of Reverend Adam Smallbone – a Church of England Vicar, newly promoted from a sleepy rural parish to the busy, inner-city world of St Saviour’s, in East London. It’s a world he has little experience of, and it shows – it really shows.

But I don’t entirely shun out American series. I am very much obsessed with Fringe at the moment (alongside Harry) so you bet I’ll check out Mad Love. Again, thanks for the recommendation JV! x


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