About Me

Amateur photographer | Fiction writer | Aspiring film-maker

I am very fond of the fine and performing arts. I enjoy making experimental films, watching movies with buttered popcorn, traveling, writing poetry, novels, and short stories, as well as composing songs. I am an amateur photographer and sometimes a model for my own works given that I’m comfortable with myself. I also take pleasure in indulging myself with good food, and hilarious conversations with friends.

If you are interested in collaborating or availing my services,
just kindly leave a message here! Constructive criticisms are welcome.

56 Responses to “About Me”

  1. 1 Kevin

    Checked out the links of Paul’s site, and stumbled upon this site. Cool stuff here, I must say. :)

  2. 3 Robbie

    Hey! Added you to my blogroll. Nice site you got here. =)

  3. 5 Joisu

    Hi sis addy
    visiting u here… I have added ur new link already!<3

  4. 7 Belle

    Hello there.. visiting you. <3

  5. thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment

  6. 11 CyD


    I love the Philippine version of sakura you’ve created and nice photo editing. More power..

    • 12 addybee

      Thank you so much! I really appreciate that you like my works. :)

      (edit:) CYD! Hahaha, man that’s you pala! What’s up? Add Harry and I on Facebook! See you when we order on Brooklyn again!

  7. 13 Jessica Arista V.

    I just love your website♥ you are an angel a great person and i wish all the best for you from Perú :)

  8. 15 Pablo

    Just stopping by…
    I thought your page was quite interesting..
    You definitely have a lovely smile that would
    brighten up any ordinary day :)

  9. 19 Lan Stadnik

    I usually get bored easily and close the tab but i think you have a unique blog. Bravo!

  10. 21 Pablo

    Merry Christmas to you and hope you have a great holiday season with loved ones! :)

  11. 23 Paul

    Hi :)
    I know it’s kinda late asking you but…
    I hope you don’t mind me using some of your awesome images for my music video projects. They’re for entertainment purposes only and have no monetary gain to them. But I made sure I gave you credit, as in exposure, in them. You can follow the link here to my music video channel in youtube and also in facebook. Like I said, I do this mostly as a hobby and enjoy audio and video editing. You are obviously very talented and I just liked what I saw in your site. So pls let me know what you think and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions/problems with it. Salamat :)

    • 24 addybee

      I just watched it! It’s beautiful! Thanks so much for linking me to it! It’s an honour :)

  12. 25 Paul

    Hi addybee
    Your welcome and thanks also for liking the vid..
    Your wonderful images really what made the video great but,
    That was only a rough cut and i just posted the final version online today in youtube and facebook. I’m going to tag Bob Schwarz and Jesse Funk, the German duo who make up the band Schwarz & Funk, who’s music i used for the video..I’ve produced a couple or three music vids for those guys and so far I’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback from them..
    btw, do you also have facebook?
    Anyways, thanks again for letting me use your online portfolio and hope we can collaborate more on future projects…And don’t worry, I will make sure I give you credit as a co-producer for this video. Salamat again :)

  13. 27 Carl

    Hello, I was looking around on MM and I found your site. I’m going to be traveling to manila soon to shoot an indie film and would like to see if you would be interrested in helping. Please email me back so we can talk.


  14. 29 ...........

    hi there,
    i think that your work is amazing and i am doing gcse photography and for my exam my artist is going to be you, so i just thought i would let you know how brilliant your work is

  15. 30 ...........

    i was wondering if you could tell me a bit more about yourself where you went to college/university what courses you took what qualifications youve got?

    thanks, its just i am using you for an artist study in gcse photography


    • Oh wow! Thank you! It’s really an honour that you’ve picked me. :) I went to De La Salle University in Laguna, Philippines. My course is Communication Arts and I’m majoring in Media. I’m just basically self-taught and adapting to new techniques with the help of friends. If you’ve any more questions, you can email me here: adrienne.bernal@hotmail.com :)

  16. 32 nishanka

    You have such a beautiful smile. I didn’t see any of your blog, just saw you smiling. I think my day is blessed today.

  17. Wow the new theme is so nice and perfect for you :)

  18. 36 zack_falcon

    Awesome new site dear.

    Wait… did you make this yourself?

    • Thaaanks Lance! Hahaha ‘course not! I wish I did but it’s one of the new themes of WordPress :)

      • 38 zack_falcon


        Ate, could you teach me?? :)

        How to start a blog? LOL. :P I’ve been thinking about it.

      • Ohoho! You naughty child, you! Hahaha, alright alright. Send me a message on Facebook? Or chat me when I go on! x

      • 40 zack_falcon

        Perv. LOL.

        When you go on.

        Lately, you never go on!

      • Hahaha add me on Skype instead! I don’t have Yahoo or MSN here on my laptop so the only means of communicating to me would be here, on my Facebook, my Twitter and my Skype~ :3 — e.cstatic

  19. Hi!
    We posted ur outfit on our fan page!


  20. 44 Josué

    Lovely site you got here! :” )

    • Why, thank you so much! :3 I tried your link that you’ve posted here, but I think it’s broken. I would love to check out your stuff. :)

  21. 46 Rhon

    Hi there!

    I love your page! Are you willing to exchange link with me?

    Jhoice(bhabiejhoice-xoxo.net) recommended you to me.

    My URL is:


    Please let me know.



  22. 50 Rhon

    Hi Nicole, I’m just visiting ur site! Take care!

  23. Nice Website.. :)

  24. 55 Kyle Price

    Cool posts. I found this on Google. This site is ranking pretty well.

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