Mischief Managed


7.14.2011 — A large thank you to the lot of you on my special day! I got a bit lazy writing this so I might write a longer one soon! Soz x

I’ve grown up with Harry Potter and I’m proud to say I’m a part of this literary generation. I’ve noticed that before, people (especially teenagers) weren’t particularly fond of reading literature. I read some, but none more than this series could retain my interest. My grandmother came by for a visit on my birthday and asked me what was so significant about Harry Potter. I know many think of it as nothing more than another popular fiction novel but for those who grew up with Harry as he did, it’s different. He’s like a brother to us.

He inspired us to be better in English (especially with grammar and spelling) and he gave us the freedom to explore the depths of our imaginations. Whenever I read Harry Potter, I feel a certain connection to the characters that the emotions being depicted in the stories would transfer to me. And now that the novels are over, and the films are finished being screened all over the world, there’s a certain emptiness to it.

Growing old with Harry Potter was wonderful and now it’s over… I feel like I have some growing up to do. But like Peter Pan, deep down inside… I know I never want to. But—

It all ends here.

ADDENDUM: Special thanks to my boyfriend, Harry Santos for the awesome Tablet, domain, and Art Book Box set for my birthday! You’re the best! x


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