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you are burnt paper meant to be left to fly away—
as dust. as memories to be forgotten. as once upon a time.
whether or not i could weather the painful decisions
i’ve inflicted upon my sensitive nature, there is no other choice.
i was left with no other choice.
you are the ever relentless wind amongst the storm—
of countless troubles and wistful impossibilities.
I will tire from thinking of you. I will tire of wishing for you.
someday, I will be rid of you. someday, I will forget you.




Thine eyes speak volumes,
every passing breath seems like a dream,
for which love has left and lost was found—
in your arms as we took a moonlight kiss.

But all has been swept away in a swift flick of the wrist,
goodbye till morrow comes where no words are amiss.
It was as if it was meant to be felt once and nothing more.
It was as if it was a soft summer breeze escaped from closed doors.
It was as if it was just a hum of the fingertips against your hair.
It was as if it was nothing else but a memory’s exhale of air.

I bet she regrets it now.
I bet she sleeps at night
pillow in a tight grip,
remembering that night.

Over and over again, she says.

Just to remember how it felt,
just to remember why to forget.

How life seems so spontaneous,
how it always seems to find its way.
Could it be fate just wanted to let her know—
that she can’t always plan what happens that day.

So when lips crashed, feelings soared,
only for one it seems, it can’t be ignored.
He’s not into taking risks, not into her,
not into giving up the past with another.

So she’d lie awake on her bed,
pillow in a tight grip, remembering,
in need of forgetting—
that one night of nothing.

And there was this girl with no name.
Her eyes told her lies and her lips have become her fame.
She walked through the city streets with her dreams latched upon her head’s silky strands and with no notice
cut it off with her scissor-like hands.
The cobble stones of the ground she stepped on created noise she never felt before
vibrations with no sounds continued to pound on her soul and without a word
she sang with her eyes closed and she called it truth.

And there was this story about this boy
he said all the right things with the right feeling
but he never came close into making everyone believe he was a human being.
He raised his hands and touched the sky and couldn’t make out what was in his mind.
He was real, he was moving, but he had already stopped breathing.
So as he neared the ground, he gave the sky one last glance.
He felt the pain and he finally believed he had a soul worth saving.

Oh sweet piece of Heaven on Earth,
No other worldly wonders can ever compare
to the highest form of your love, I dare–
Say that you are the time well-gained.

The mist that has appeared in these–
spectacles that have reflected you forever,
Has yearned for your eyes to lovingly stare,
Right back at the doe-like eyes I bare.

My lips are locked with secrets unrevealed,
But my heart’s pounding undeniably concede,
Words unuttered are completely overflowing,
And my mind has prevented to be blown in.

I love you doesn’t seem to suffice what I feel,
because I don’t love you, I adore you–
Much more than what it actually means,
Take me, I’m yours… for all eternity.



She said she was pretty,
With the way she always looked,
Others said she was pretty,
But she was fucking crazy,
And they were hooked.

Because all she wanted was fun,
She didn’t care others were in the run,
Insignificant others she would say,
And her life was slowly drained away.


In front of her mirror,
She watched herself grow grey,
Picking on all her flaws,
She picked up her knife,
And cut through straight.

Out comes the blood,
And she would scream at the sight,
It was ugly she would say,
And watched her life drip away.

Stitches were all over her body,
And she would watch as they stayed,
But she didn’t care,
She didn’t mind,
The ugly was out anyway.


Little Mary
Can you hear the sound
Of your life slowly slipping


And see your eyes widen
Your innocence gone
Laughter with the sound of


The sound of his breathing
Behind you
He’s beside you
The echo of your screams at bay

Electric lights
Little Mary can’t you see?
He’s just there waiting
With his hands on your throat

And your lips open
Little bloody Mary