Her whole body felt so broken. Her head helplessly fell on his shoulder and her lips slightly grazed the beat of his heart through his neck. She hummed in silent bliss as she felt the alcohol take its toll on her senses.

“I’m so dizzy.” She murmured under her breath. Her hands flew to his hair in hopes of controling herself and her vision, her glasses askew. “What’s happening?”

She felt his arms encircle her waist and pulled her flush against him. “Nothing.”

He smiled against her skin. His mouth suddenly devoured her, teeth teasing her blushing skin. She ran her fingers through his thick locks, grasping it in a tight hold as she arched her back. Her body was warming up and the small space of the car was adding to her thoughts. Rationality quickly left out the window when she felt him pull down her sweater and grasp her breasts in his hands, taking a teat and lightly nibbled on it.

Her mouth formed into a silent ‘oh’ as she tightened her grip on him, her body pushing forward towards his touch. A moan escaped her lips as he took a hold of her waist and slowly grinded himself against her heat.

Please,” she whispered, eyes tightly closed. He captured her lips with his in a heated frenzy as he pulled her skirt up teasingly. Her hands fumbled between them as she tried to unbuckle his pants, her patience wearing thin.

He let out a chuckle as he helped her. The car seat dipped lower and his fingers entered her in a breath. She gasped and let out a strangled groan. “I…”

Out. “Need you.”

In. “Now.”

He smiled and readied himself in between her thighs. Her leg raised up towards the foggy windows and braced herself as he slowly entered her. She mewled as she felt herself stretch to adjust to his girth.

Oh gods.”

His thrusts were deep and precise. Her body quaked in response as he took a hold of the car door and set a faster rhythm. “S-shit.” She groaned. She felt herself constrict around him and knew that she was close. Her arms snaked around his neck and pulled him tighter against her, muttering incoherently under her breath.

He was getting unruly and she was feeling the release. His thrusts became harder and his pants resonated through the small space. She closed her eyes tightly and moaned as they came. She tiredly rested her head on the crook of his shoulder and shook her head. “What exactly just happened?”

He chuckled and crashed his lips against her. “I told you,” he gently and teasingly nipped at her bottom lip. “Nothing.”

She laughed.


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