What you find hidden in nooks and crannies.



She let herself grow
with roots beneath soil
that is old and worn
and sunset-dazed—

with endless gestalts
and make-believe fairytales.



I seem to say those words to a wall.
It just echoes what I say, so empty.

My eyes slanted, small as they are,
see right through the depths of every word.
Every soul misheard.

In walls that are tainted with mistakes.



Never be saved even when craved for.
Wave for. Once more. In tiresome, tiresome pores.

Hello and goodbye once more.



Incandescence filled anomalities
Engaged amidst raven locks
Within notes of auburn pleas.



Hush hush hush.

There’re wires and chains encircled around the confines of these images and words. Screens with wide angles that only shows graying grains and the incomplete information just bouncing off my brain—

It’s not enough.

Clashing of Part A to Part B without knowing what the middle could be, just looking for that missing piece.


Your hold is too tight and my head became light and I wish to open these real eyes to realize real lies.

Breathe. Give me some breathing ground.

You’re resting on the top pedestal with puppet strings on arms that seek to push those buttons to hear those words that are muffled by tape and fingers that seek silence.


Truth that is not shown is never known.

And this internal youth is never ending when photographs are broken tendrils that consist of memories that never existed when lifted from gazes that yearn for knowledge.

And when your body has aged—
And your soul is caged—
Your lips tightly sealed and eyes closed shut—we require parental guidance.

We are held and deprived of knowledge.

And we settle for less because most never attest to what was said by the government.


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