Prologue: Curiosity


Soft, summer breeze drifted across the quiet streets of the once lively town. The sun had started to set and lights have begun to illuminate the insides of the houses. Children scampered in a hurry as their parents had called them over. Teenagers, who were still in their uniforms, lingered around the streets; their voices carried by the winds.


A lone girl was walking past them, her head tilted downwards as she watched her shadow play underneath her feet. She could recognize where she was going even though she paid no attention to her direction. Her fingers nervously entwined themselves as she reached her destination.


Her legs wobbled slightly as she stopped, her dark locks hid her face from view. She slowly looked up, her brown eyes peering curiously at the small store in front of her. It was still closed. She bit her lip, rested her back against the wall of the street, and decided to wait.


A few minutes have passed and finally, she noticed the movement inside the store. She held her breath as she heard the soft click of the doors as it opened. Her palms had started to sweat and her lips quivered, tension radiating throughout her small body.


Unhurriedly, she took one step at a time towards the open door. She took a peak inside and basked on the warmth that the place emitted. She walked inside, silently hoping that she would have more time to prepare herself before the owner went out. She carefully trudged along the narrow aisles of the store, picking out what she would buy for the day.


She went to the refrigerators and opened it, taking out a soda from one of the shelves. The cold reached her palm and fingertips; she shivered at the sudden feeling.


“So you’re here again, I see.”


Her breath hitched and her body stilled. A rising heat crept towards her cheeks. “U-um…”


“Soda today, is it?” The drawl from behind made her flinch. She turned towards the source of the voice and smiled weakly.


“H-hai.” She whispered and meekly walked towards the counter where a young man stood behind.


His unruly sun-kissed locks looked out of place in the dull store. Her hands feebly handed over the can as his oddly slender hand reached out. His eyes glistened mischievously as his fingers lingered on her palm.


She took a bated breath.


“That would be one hundred yen, Ayako-san.”


She blushed and faintly noticed the small smile that etched upon his face when she gave him the money. She bowed shyly before she hurriedly scurried away from the shop. She was still flushing as she rounded up a corner and neared her home.


Her palm tingled with the sensation of the remembrance of his skin against hers. She let out a small giggle. She looked up and noticed the stars twinkling brightly against the blanket of darkness that night.


“Ayako-san…” She murmured under her breath, relishing the memory of his voice. She froze.


She… never told him her name.



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