Perilous Waltz


Sweet, sweet melody.

It resonated throughout the whole room as pitter-patter of soft fingertips play across the pristine piano keys. Eyes closed, breath held, heartbeat quickened, and ears wide and devouring of the sounds created with the song. Her body swayed and her head tilted back as she felt the music flow within her being.

She could only play when he was there. In her thoughts, thinking. With her—near her—just…


It didn’t occur—even once—in her mind to try and fly away from the very cage she was held in. She was vulnerable. She was weak. She was held captive.

Yet she didn’t mind.

She, the very epitome of innocence, has accepted her fate.

Falling in love with her captor was the least expected in her life. She didn’t mind that no one else would ever hear her play. She didn’t think of the outside world as much when he was there to listen to the burst of emotions as she created a whole new life in that small space he left her in.

Her life outside was non-existent. She had left everything… for him.

He wouldn’t say anything. She would give it her all and yet not a word. Not a glance. But the feel of the gentle breeze on her skin would indicate that he liked it. Inside their small space, she knew that just being there with him would create a world of comfort inside the void that was left inside her.

Day after day, she would leave the place she had once called home and come back to his awaiting arms. She might not feel the warmth of it. She might not see his outstretched hands, begging for touch. But she feels it embrace her as she plays her favourite tune.

She would touch the cold stone that held him captive. His very own cage. She would sit on the soft cushions and stretch out her fingers. She would play. And won’t stop till her soul gave out to a lifeless stupor.

And everyday, she would. Just as she promised him.

Today was another day to love him. And today was just another day for her to wait.


2 Responses to “Perilous Waltz”

  1. A sad and beautiful story! I missed visiting here!

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