Distinguishing dreams from reality.


Lately, I’ve been craving for animated movies to watch because I’ve had the pleasure to get a good cam copy of Tangled even before its release.  I’ve always loved movies that have deeper meanings to them.  Events that will keep me on the edge of my seat. Beautiful imageries and enthralling storytelling. My creative juices flowing through the depths of my mind as I watch.

1.) Tangled actually had awaken my sleeping little princess (in my head and no I’m not crazy) that have been hiding away for so long as I lived a life of a young adult thinking about getting a first job, graduating college, and thinking about the future. Honestly, I’ve always thought Disney was a good escape from adulthood (even with its innuendos and whatnots). It is actually your typical Disney movie with the singing, dancing, and evil witch/mother but with the magical twist on the original story.

As you might remember, in the Grimm’s version, Rapunzel was actually born in a peasant family who lived nearby an enchantress’ home. She didn’t have the magical hair like in Tangled. I actually quite like that twist in the Disney story. My favourite scene in the movie would probably be when the whole kingdom released the floating lanterns… it was just too pretty.

Now the question would be… would I rather recommend you buy it or download it? For the sake of the kids, it would be great if you can watch it in the cinemas but if you just feel like seeing it for yourself out of curiosity or boredom, then I suggest you download it like a pirate! Arr!

2.) Megamind is an exceptionally done film, I must say! The animation is astounding as well as the whole storyline! Will Ferrell… what a legend. His voice acting was nothing short of brilliant. And you’ll definitely find yourself falling in love with Minion! The film is about finding your destiny. You can either follow it… or change its course. Recommendation? Watch it in the cinemas! Worth the trip, I assure you.

3.) Happy Feet was somewhat disheartening to watch at first. The graphics was quite a disappointment. The story seemed shallow but then as it comes to the middle of the movie, it rises up as psychological… but only for a while. It’s about a penguin who needs to find his heart song so he can find a mate but through unfortunate circumstances, he had a horrible voice but with good dancing skills. It’s a feel good movie. For the kids. Recommendation? It doesn’t matter if you download it or not, it’s something without replay value, IMO.

4.) South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut is not for kids. Profane. Musical. Insinuated sexual scenes (between Satan and Saddam Hussein). Not as funny as the TV episodes but worth the watch for the song, “Uncle Fucker.” Recommendation? Download.

5.) The Girl Who Leapt Through Time instantaneously became one of my favourite movies after I’ve watched it. The art was beautifully done. The story intrigued me throughout and kept my eyes entranced on the telly. The OST used was absolutely lovely (and I have to download it for my iPod soon). Makoto, a simple high school girl, suddenly finds herself with the power to leap through time when she unconsciously avoided a possible train accident. With that discovery, she decides to change her fate whenever she doesn’t want the outcome of how she lived her life.  Recommendation? Buy it, download it, as long as you have a copy with you forever.

6.) Summer Wars had the same style as The Girl Who Leapt Through Time because it has the same director. And as expected, it is as brilliant… and might be even better. It is about a math geek, Kenji, who accepted an invitation from Natsuki (an upper class), to her grandmother’s 90th birthday… as her fiancé. It was supposed to be a calm, peaceful gathering until a terrorist decided to infiltrate the Oz world in the internet. Now it’s their job to stop the havoc before everything becomes a nuclear target. Recommendation? Same as TGWLTT.

7.) Paprika has a more darker approach than TGWLTT and Summer Wars. This actually inspired Christopher Nolan’s Inception that’s why it has the same idea. And in my honest opinion, I loved this more than Inception (since it didn’t justify the sheer brilliance of this film). The art is mesmerizing. The story is genius. The whole film? A definite must-watch. Download, buy, save it forever because this definitely has replay value!

8.) Despicable Me is definitely a cute film that kids would love to watch! The characters are adorable and Steve Carell did a good job with his. It’s about a villain realizing that maybe evil isn’t as fun as finding love in family. Recommendation? Download it.


Other recommended films?

  • The Other Guys (hilarious movie! Will Ferrel was brilliant!)
  • Miss March (if you like The Whitest Kids You Know then you’re sure to like this film!)
  • Dinner for Schmucks (a few funny scenes that will deffo make you belch out a laugh! Steve Carell is legendary!)
  • Matrix (are you sure this is reality?)

2 Responses to “Distinguishing dreams from reality.”

  1. yey! :) super fun movies :D <3

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