A Target For Your Wild Taste


This absolutely crazy obsession with Rupert Grint lately has taken a notch upwards and clearly, it is quite bothersome. However, this bothersome feeling is not for naught because I am admiring his charisma to take in roles that are very far from his Harry Potter character, Ron Weasley. I’ve had the pleasure of watching one of his newest films, Wild Target starring alongside Bill Nighy and Emily Blunt.

The story is about a con artist (Blunt) being sought by the number one assassin in Britain (Nighy) but in a wild turn of events, they’ve started on an adventure/chase with this stoner (Grint) to survive from a hit assignment gone wrong! The movie is quite entertaining. I suggest you Brit comedy/action movie savvies out there to watch it!

In another note, I’ve had a photoshoot with Paul Garcia for his Seven Deadly Sins set yesterday. It was very fun and spontaneous. Too spontaneous for business, actually, so here’s a major thought of yesterday and something that all photographers take to heart: Negotiations are for before the shoot and always take command on the set.

Here’s a little teaser from the set.

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