Dreaming of Rupert Grint


I just had the most wonderful dream ever.

I was walking back from the Don Bosco gym with my friend from high school, Dea Desiderio and I were walking on the second floor of the High School building and I was carrying this paper. I saw this cubhole with the number 22 on it then I stopped walking. I stared at it for a while but then there were a lot of people so they started looking at me. Dea took my hand and forced me to start walking again.

I saw a trash bin so I threw the paper away.

So the last classroom before the stairs, I saw Rupert Grint was walking around and then he sat down on one of the chairs. I quickly went inside squealing in my head and I dragged Dea with me. There were second years in the classroom and were talking loudly. Dea and I sat down on the seats at the back and I looked around for Rupert. Dea was telling me to fix my hair, I don’t know why because my hair was gorgeous.

Then I talked loudly to get some attention and I saw Rupert looked for a bit. I couldn’t help it anymore, I went beside his chair and started blabbering about how I was such a big fan of him and that I can’t wait to watch his movie.

Then he mentioned Draco Malfoy then he said, “you should watch it with Ginny.” So I don’t know if he meant Ginny Weasley or Ginny Palma but I’ll watch it with my Ginny because I’m not very fond of the Weasley.

Suddenly he held my hand and was tugging on it. I looked behind me and there was a small second year girl with a camera in her hands. Rupert tightened his grasp on my hand then I scrambled going to him then he pulled me to his lap and made me sit down on him.

He encircled his arms around me then rested his head on the crook of my shoulder. I couldn’t breathe because I was too giddy. It felt real. (I wish it was)

Then Dea started fussing over my hair and said that I should fix it. Maybe I should’ve but then I just tried to smile but I couldn’t because I was too giddy and my lips were quivering and I was just so fucking happy.

… then I woke up.

I hastily scrambled out of my bed and opened the PC downstairs so I could write this with a fresh mind before I forget all the small details. It’s these kinds of dreams that I wouldn’t mind reoccurring over and over again.

Hi. You have to meet me soon.


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