70’s Baby



He eyed her up as she went down the stairs to the basement wearing her flimsy little skirt. It had ridiculous flowers on it and the colours were defying the sanity of his eyes with the girliest hues he had ever seen. It was disgusting to look at. She bounced on the tips of her toes and traipsed around the couch. She sat down across from him and tilted her head to look at him.

“Hello Steven.”

He arched an uninterested brow. “Did you get thrown in a pool of paint before you went here?”

She rolled her eyes. “Honestly Steven, I don’t know why you’re such an ass all the time. Is a stick stuck up there or something?”

“You would know, wouldn’t you?” He smirked. She glared at him.

“Oh shut up. A little compliment every now and then won’t kill you.” She seethed as she fixed her skirt.

His eyes wandered to her fingers stretching her skirt to reach her knees but the material stopped midway down her thigh. A disgruntled groan left her lips. He never really fully noticed before how smooth-looking her skin was or how pink and full her lips were.

He shook his head. Even though he thought she was hot, she was still an annoying little priss.


Wistful Thinking

Sometimes, she watches him when she thought he wasn’t looking.

It didn’t matter her boyfriend was there. He was the reason why that relationship started anyway. Her plan didn’t work out, but as soon as she found the guts to talk to Fez about it, she will end it. She felt bad for him because she knew he really did like her.

But it wasn’t working out.

She was too hooked on this afro stoner who she had fallen in love with.

It wasn’t fair. She was still in love with him and he… he looked like he didn’t care.

She let out a sigh and noticed that he looked at her from her peripheral gaze. She bit her lip in hopes that it was true. He was stealing glances at her.

Her eyes met his after a while and she gave him a small smile. He smiled back.


Too Far To Care


He was going to march right up in her room, demand for her hand in marriage, and they will live a fucking happily ever after together. Whether she likes it or not.


If she declines him, he will fucking carry her up to the bed, shag her senseless, and make a baby with her so she would have no choice but to take him as her husband.


If all else fails, he would smoke a joint and regroup his thoughts. He always got the best ideas when he was high.


2 Responses to “70’s Baby”

  1. 1 Nicholas Richardson

    Wow. Interesting story. I’m liking it.

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