Those Days


This has been such an awesome week (and it’s still in the middle). We celebrated my dad’s birthday for three days (Oct. 10, 12, and 13). The food was awesome! I especially loved the adobong may gata my dad cooked and tacos recipe that Harry Santos and I made!

Tuesday, Ate Eka came by and I helped her with her shoot. It’s a conceptual one about a girl wrecked because of love (or I could also be the reincarnation of the Joker). It was fun!

Then today, Wednesday (Oct 13), my litter sister and I did a little shoot of our own (because I was in the mood and the lighting was pretty). I didn’t have to edit the photos because Harry’s epic camera and my little sister’s skill was just exactly what I was going for. I am glad. You can see the shots here!

I love this week! And I’m sure I’m going to love it more on Friday (I can’t wait for the retreat, but not really. I’m a bit torn). Well anyway, I love my family. They’re the best! I wish my mom was here too. She missed out on good food! Can’t wait for her to come back here next year! ♥


6 Responses to “Those Days”

  1. 1 bfeee

    haha! i love the second photo! haha!

    • 2 addybee

      I love the first panel of the second photo! Srsly. It just… tells something eh. But I don’t know. Maybe I’m just weird. :P thanks for the super shots, ate Eka! :)

  2. 3 zack_falcon

    Joker ftw.

    Hey, hey, you could be harley quinn!

    • 4 addybee

      What a good idea! I had a jester hat before! I should’ve done that instead. :P

      • 5 zack_falcon

        Seen the new Harley Quinn from Batman: Arkham Asylum?

        Awesomeness. (A bit too…. much, but hey, she’s a villain.)

      • 6 addybee

        Oh god. She is so hot.

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