ACTM Numina 2010


It was a wonderful experience to actually participate in the Graphic Design and Photography contest that Ateneo hosted. I wouldn’t have made it to Top 5 in the Photography category if it weren’t for the help of Harry Santos and Myco Silva. Thank you so much for holding the tripod and the remote, guys. :)

September 22… that’s when I found out I was in Top 10 with Cat Trivino for Graphic Design. We went to Eastwood and saw our works in display. We finally saw our competition and nervousness started to creep in my system. Come September 24 and it was the day that we were all waiting for.

Harry Santos accompanied me to Eastwood that night and it was the most hectic. Traffic was intense starting from Ayala Alabang to Makati. We rode two buses, we went to the MRT but it was jam-packed with people (waste of money!), another bus going to Ortigas, walked around Edsa, and then finally a taxi going to Libis.

While I was in the taxi, Cathy texted me that I got in the Top 5. I was ecstatic except I was already too anxious if I was going to win anything. We got there just in time and we found out the winners. It was a bit disappointing that they didn’t even prepare anything to give for the rest of the finalists. It would have been great if they at least gave us the shirt where they printed our photos on.

Even though Cathy didn’t get in the finals, she won Texter’s Choice and got a Sun WiFi. Lucky!

Anyway, after everything, Harry and I walked around and decided on a fruit shake! Awesome fruit shake, by the way. And it’s cheap too! We went to the plaza-type place in the middle of the Eastwood malls after and watched the dancing water illuminated by light show. It was pretty cool and I loved that they played Michael Buble songs.

Going back to Alabang… I realized that this door was just the beginning of a lot of other opportunities. Never give up and always strive for greatness! So watch out, world! I am unemployed and have all the time in my hands!


6 Responses to “ACTM Numina 2010”

  1. 1 Cat

    ♥ So proud of youuuu~

  2. 3 erika

    Congrats again dud. :-)

  3. we got so entertained by the fountains :))

    • 6 addybee

      I know! I was especially entertained by the music! I want Michael Buble to come here again! :P

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