The Punisher


He felt the need to give those who were in the wrong and the rightly accused the punishment that they deserved. He was one of those good souls, he’d like to think. His eyes are the scopes of knowing. He can see right through every deed that has been done and could possibly be done in the future. He was the god of all reason and all he yearned for was perfection.

Yet when he laid his eyes on her, he could not accept it.

There it was.

He yearned for her. He ached for her. He needed to have her.

But she was untainted and she was flawless and she was supposed to be someone he wouldn’t dare touch. He was torn between his morals and he couldn’t decide so he gave it–her time.

The first day was spent with his eyes following her every move. Her soft, dark billowing hair like waves against the rage of the winds as she walked guardedly. Her wide brown eyes darting out from left to right, nervously sifting through the crowd, conscious of the intense stare that he has bestowed on her being. Lips painted with a dark red substance quivered as she walked in haste.

Her figure disappeared at the next corner, but he could still taste the trail of her fear that she had left behind. He would have her soon.

She was outside her house the next day, gardening and taking care of her plants. The environment she lived in was homely and it was just as perfect as she was. He wasn’t used to this kind of impeccability. He wasn’t used to her kind without sin. She didn’t need to be punished… but why was he here?

Because he needed her. He needed to taint her so that no one else can have the pleasure of knowing perfection.

The second day he walked near her house, his legs in heavy stride. He went into the shade of the large tree near where she was sitting and tending to her plants. She hasn’t noticed him yet. He watched her as she watered down the flowers she took care of so dearly and he can hear her humming in the small distance they were in.

She got up from her seat slowly and patted her plump bossom gingerly, taking out the grass that attached itself to her pants. She let out a quick sigh and turned around. Her gaze fell on his direction and she didn’t give so much as a flinch. A stoic expression remained on his face.

She walked towards where he was standing and took a clumsy left turn towards the stone path that led to her house. His eyes bore at her back and waited as she turned the knob of her door. One, two… she looked back and blinked at his standpoint, a small frown playing about on her lips.

She turned back, opened the door, and left his sight. He stayed there for quite awhile, tempted to knock, wait for her to answer, then ravish her on the spot. She deserved it.

He willed it.

But he had to wait till the next day.

She was in her garden once again in the early morning of the third day. Today, however, was different. She was under the shade of the tree where he stood the day before with her back against the trunk. Head cradled by the crook of her shoulders, an innocent book splayed about on her lap with her hand on top for support. He stopped on his tracks and watched as she slumbered.

How was it that this seemingly insignificant girl could hold his interest for so long? He wondered inwardly as he took careful steps towards where she sojourned.

One, two, three, four, five… six… se-even… e-eight…

Could it be that his long, confident strides were the wrong thing to do? He dwelled on this thought for a few seconds as he looked upon her face, illuminated by the rays of sunlight that escaped the covers of the tree. He quietly knelt beside her and watched her chest heave in a rhythmic motion. Up… down… up… down.

He felt as if he was in a trance.

His fingers stretched towards her figure and trailed soft, feather-like touches down her arm. His breath hitched as he lifted his touches towards her shoulders… next to her neck… and stopped to linger upon her face. His lips had become dry as the feel of her skin against his sent little electric shocks along his spine.

His forefinger stilled on the feel of her lips.

Soft, red, and wet.

He could feel his pants tighten as he leisurely pushed his finger inside the confines of her warm mouth. He had to have her.


Without any rational thought plaguing his mind, he scooped her in his arms, the book falling lazily behind, and walked to her house in haste. She squirmed in the confines of his arms and he could feel the stretch of her muscles as he kicked her door open. The loud noise shook her to consciousness and her eyes opened wide.


He ignored her voice. He wouldn’t be able to control himself any longer. Her innocence… she was driving him mad.

He dropped her unceremoniously on the carpet of her living room and she stared at him with a frightened expression embedded on her face.

“… p-please…”

Please? His mouth watered as he took in her sight. Prim, proper, and utterly intoxicating. In his mind, she could have been saying, “Yes please.”

He bent down to her level and looked at her with half-lidded eyes, drunk with need. Her cheeks were flushed and sweat has started to form at her temple. Her bottom lip quivered in fear.

“What do you want from me?” She choked out, her legs scrambling away from him.

He reached out and held her legs in place, languidly advancing on her body. She was crying now.

Shh…” He lazily drawled. He could feel her skin against his lips as he idly played with the hollow of her neck. He could feel her heartbeat quicken at the tip of his tongue. He smirked. “I have been watching you.

Her left hand flew to cover her mouth as a sob escaped from her lips. “… please!”

“You’re different,” he cupped a handful of her breast in his hand and harshly squeezed. “You are not like any of them.”

She was kicking now. Her sobs had turned into mindless screams and her hands were pounding against his chest. “Let me go! Let me go! Let me go!” She pleaded as tears streamed down her face, desperately begging him for her release.

“I have been waiting for this…” He seethed and nibbled on the heated flesh of her neck as she stilled in horrified disbelief. “I will have you…” He bit… hard. She screamed as blood trailed down the side of her neck and to her pristine dress. “You are mine.”

He slightly got off of her body, hands pulling and tugging on her dress, and firmly tore the fabric away from her form. She thrashed around in hopes of getting him off guard, but to no avail. He took a hold of her legs and roughly pulled her towards him. Her breasts brazenly open to his view, he leaned down and latched himself to her nipple and enjoyed the transition of her screams to soft mewls.

He did the same for the other and her cries had started to dwindle down. His fingers entangled themselves to her unruly locks and tugged her at her head insistently. She gasped as her back arched to the pain. “W-what are you doing? P-please… stop!”

He continued on and licked his way to the underside of her breasts. She squirmed under his touch and shallow breaths had started to come out of her mouth. Her legs wound themselves on his waist as he tasted every inch of her skin. She tasted as innocent as he imagined. He wasn’t disappointed.

His hips bucked towards hers and he felt the response clearly as she arched towards the bulge that started to form in his pants. She closed her eyes and let out a little gasp of surprise. “W-why a-are you doing t-this?”

He didn’t feel the need to answer her question, because really… he didn’t need to. It made perfect sense to him. He reached down between their bodies and tore the undergarment that was in his way. She screeched and her eyes widened. “No! Please! Don’t!”

He ignored her pleas and took her hands within his grasps. He stretched them upwards until they lay rested on top of her head. She was lay bare before his eyes and he couldn’t believe that he had finally found it. Her. He took in the sight of her heaving breasts, nipples erect from his ministrations. The trail of his teeth marks across her skin, the flush of excitement and fear on her skin, and the smell of her arousal.

A finger was slowly pushed inside her modest, warm crevice. She arched her back with the sensation and a moan escaped her lips. Once, twice, he did it again… and again… and again. Until he added one more. She was quivering in his arms and was close to her peak but he retracted back.

She lay there, hoping that the nightmare would finally be over.

She opened her eyes and was the greeted with the sight of his manhood thrusting inside the once guarded hole of her femininity. She found it difficult to breathe. One of his hands took a hold of her hand and gripped it as he thrusted inside of her fiercely. His other had found her breast and pinched her nipples that were in need of his attention.

She moaned and gritted her teeth as thrust for thrust, she met him. A haze of lust had started to blind her judgement as she bucked at the feel of his girth inside of her. Her insides felt slick and warm and absolutely delicious, he couldn’t help himself as he forcefully took control of the rhythm.

“O-oh!” She moaned. Her fingers flew to his back and grazed at his clothed backside.

He felt his orgasm coming as his member pulsed inside of her. Her insides had started to tighten around him and his unrestrained thrusts had taken her over the edge. She moaned out her release and limped in his arms. He quickened his pace and he felt her clench around him. With one deep thrust, he convulsed and let out a groan, shuddering against her shoulder.

After a few seconds, he realized what had just happened. He pushed himself off of her body and stared at her glazed eyes. Her cheeks covered with a heavy blush and her lips pouted out in a request.

… please…

Dishevelled. Tainted. Touched.

She needed to be punished.


4 Responses to “The Punisher”

  1. 1 Trip X

    wow. that was a really good read

  2. 3 Lance Guinto

    The Punisher… (The Defiler?)…

    That was some pro-style writing. It was really good.

    • 4 addybee

      D’aww, thanks Lance! The Defiler actually sounds a lot better but I kinda felt the title I thought of when I was already writing it. Haha! :)

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