Graphika Manila 2010


Last Saturday, August 7, I had one of the most epic weekend I’ve ever had in my life. Well, one of them. Since we were so tired the night before (thanks to Pat Reo’s dad for the crazy expensive crablets and chicharon bulaklak at Fish Out of Water in Greenbelt), we woke up pretty late, but still got there before the event started.

Harry, Dic, and I went on to find our seats in the front and thank Merlin we’ve found an empty row! We were looking around, hoping to find people we know, but alas. The unfortunate thing that happened at that very moment was my hunger. Before going inside, we checked out the food that were being sold outside the room however all of them were pretty overpriced.

Concerned Harry bought me bread and Sprite (that cost him P90) for breakfast, though. Waste of money, but I loved the sweet gesture. *smiles*

The first speakers, Arnold and Cynthia Arre, were awesome. They gave us a detailed list of lessons that Harry took note of. I’ll try to link when Harry decides to blog about it. Next was :phunk Studio, I thought they were the funniest. I never really knew about them ’till that day and I was shocked that they were actually the ones doing the graphics for MTV Asia. I particularly have a liking for that one ad commercial type thing they did about the guy hitting the walls and making space. It was too witty.

After, it was finally lunch break! I was expecting to eat good food during that one hour break but unluckily, we were against many others who wanted the same thing. We settled for an overpriced Spam sandwich that costs P78 and Vigan Empanada that costs P40.

We went back and just our luck, we got a picture with Alvin Tan and Jackson Tan from :phunk Studio (they’re not brothers, jfyi). Well, anyway, the next speaker up was from Underground Logic. Their works are actually pretty awesome but it’s a bit of a shame that they don’t accept interns because I actually wanted to apply there. Next was Danny Yount, of course as expected from someone who had worked with Guy Ritchie–his works are breathtaking. I especially loved Six Feet Under’s OT and Sherlock Holmes’ end credits. And finally, the most awaited artist for the day, Tara McPherson presented to us her favorite art that she drew and how her galleries are.

I love it that she has worked with artists such as Beck, Jimmy Eat World, Green Day, and Modest Mouse. I love them and her art is absolutely adorable (in a twisted way). The last speaker for the day was Avid from Rocketsheep Post. He was absolutely hilarious and easily picked up the vibe from the rest of the Filipinos. He presented to us the new version of “Saving Sally” which will be in theatres… soon.

After the seminar, there was a quick raffle and the prizes were actually quite nice. Too bad we didn’t win anything, we wouldn’t mind winning the iPad and hoodie. We decided to go around MOA afterwards and looked for a cigarette stall. We had quite a problem with looking for it cos we weren’t familiar with the mall. We found it, however, and another dilemma rose. We didn’t have enough money.

I had to exchange my hundred dollar bill just for us to have some extra cash at the after-party. And it was damn well worth it because the party was epic. We had free beer. We personally met and hungout with the guys from :phunk, Danny Yount, and Tara McPherson. We also got to chill with the people from the bands such as Sandwich, Imago, Pedicab, and Sleepwalk Circus. Yes, it was that epic (would’ve been more if Up Dharma Down and Urbandub was there too.)

We also had siopao from Wabi-Sabi and the best burgers I’ve ever had from Wingman. We also went to Tara’s auction and was astounded that her works were bought for more then 20 thousand pesos. Yes, people were crazy. Around 2 AM, we decided that it was already too late and we had to go home. Harry called on Tom and asked where he was and fortunately, he was around the area as well. We hailed a cab and went to Izakaya in Greenbelt. We stayed there and chilled for a while at the club, but Dic fell asleep so we had to keep him company outside at the lounge area. I met some pretty interesting people that day.

Around 3 AM, we finally had the chance to go home with the knowledge that the next day, Harry and I had to wake up at 7 AM. Good thing there was lechon. *grins*


Photos HERE.


6 Responses to “Graphika Manila 2010”

  1. good times :) epic weekend indeed :)

    • 2 addybee

      Let’s go at it again! This weekend, game? Haha! Well, maybe not. Maybe when we’re done with our internship we can go bum and do whatever we want. :P

  2. 3 Robbie

    Ahhhhh party looked fun. Wish I went there. Hahaha.

    • 4 addybee

      Sayang! You should’ve! Also if we met earlier, we could’ve hungout also! :)

  3. 5 Ana

    Grabe, that trip must’ve been too awesome! :o

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