6 Responses to “Inked”

  1. 1 Lance Guinto

    Okay, okay, I’ll try to leave a more useful comment than my first one.

    First of all, this is really nice. Scarlett Johansson-ish. I dunno. Is that real ink?

    Second, I know what you’re thinking. No. I’m a good boy. :P

    • 2 addybee

      Haha, no. I still think you’re a major perv. :P

      And thanks, Lance! Glad you think I’m pretty–well, do you think Scarlett is pretty? I think she is, so thanks. HAHA!

      And no that’s not real ink. It’s just henna. I like the design, though, yea? I searched for that specifically (no, not really)!

      • 3 Lance Guinto

        Major perv? wtf? What do I have to do to convince you?

        And yes, Scarlett is pretty.

      • 4 addybee

        Convince me? Now that sounds pervy! You can’t do anything to change my mind–with all the photos you sent me thru YM. *shivers* perv. HAHA!

      • 5 Lance Guinto

        Again with pervy… hmmm. Something must be done.

        As for the pictures I sent you, you had to bring that one up! lol.

        I just thought they were cute. Honestly. XD

      • 6 addybee

        HAHA yeah of course! Not pervy at all, Lance. ;)

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