In reality, she saw him and wanted him. In her dreams, she had him and tasted him.

So in her dreams, that was where she played her game.

She stood on her tiptoes and laid a gentle peck on his lips. He stared at her in shock and stuttered. A giggle left her lips again as she watched his face play different emotions in one moment. It made her want him more. She knew that she just had to do it.

She grabbed his hair and harshly pulled, crashing their lips together in one swift movement. A moan escaped her lips as she felt the soft contact of her lips with his. She had fantasized about this time for so many times and yet it hadn’t felt as real as this. Wasn’t she just dreaming this like any other night?

He groaned and gripped her hips, moving her closer to him. His tongue gently nipped on her bottom lip and bit lightly, earning him entrance to her sweet cavern as she gasped. Her hands flew to his back, clawing through his plain shirt wanting more of his heat. Her knees buckled as he grasped her breast in his hands, molding the soft flesh in his palm.

“O-Oh–,” she groaned as she felt his fingers itch inside her yellow button-up shirt through the gaps. Hastily, he opened the shirt in one quick motion as he ripped the fabric in his hands. She shivered at the sudden cold that struck her body as her upper torso became bare to his heated gaze. His breath caught as he stared at her making her blush under his intense stare.

She reached out and pulled his shirt from him and appreciated the sight before her. She bit her lip to keep herself from moaning. He was toned, amazing, and tanned. She loved it; she lovedhim. She dipped her head on his chest and took a protruding teat in her lips; her free hand tweaked and rolled the other one in between her fingers as she gently suckled. He moaned and tightly gripped her breast on one hand and the other flew to her hair, kneading her scalp as she tasted him.

Gods… he tasted so good.

She licked her way towards his neck and bit down hard, creating a mark against his flushed skin. “Oh fuck,” he hissed as her hands trailed down to his baggy shorts, cupping him through the fabric. He swooped down and captured her lips with his and held on her thighs and pulled her up, encircling her legs around his torso. They moaned at the contact as her heat passed by his growing bulge, the contact leaving them breathless.

“W-what… are you… doing… to me?” He questioned as he playfully licked her earlobe. She took an intake of breath and shook her head, black hair spraying all over her face. She grinded her hips to his and threw her head back, pleasure running through her at the feel of his body against hers. She heard him strain a moan and she shivered as he tore through her shorts, hands rough and calloused against her skin.

He licked his lips and pulled the strings at the either sides of her knickers, a shudder passing throughout her body. His free hand traveled to her back, soothing her as he created soft circular motions against her sensitive skin. She arched her back, begging him to touch her, taste her, make her cum

A strangled moan left her lips as he entered a finger inside her. He pumped it in and out of her as she bucked her hips closer to his, wanting more of him. He complied and added another finger, stretching her. She mewled and closed her eyes shut in pleasure. Oh bloody freaking hell… oh holy mother of…

He added another one and she screamed his name over and over again as he pumped her. Sweat covered their bodies as heat radiated through them. Her eyes opened instantly when she felt his fingers leave her body but gasped as he penetrated her in one hard thrust. He hushed her moans and sighs with his mouth, swallowing up her cries.

“I’m sorry,” his eyes were wide and scared as he apologized softly. His fingers tucked loose strands of hair from her face as he whispered sweet nothings in her ear. “Are you okay?”

She nodded her head and breathed.

She moaned when she felt his hips move making him bump on the insides of her walls. They started to move in a slow rhythm. His thrusts were long and hard making her quiver with want and longing. He… was… so… hot! She met him thrust for thrust and clawed through his back at the force of his plunges inside her, her back bruising already against the wall.

She bounced against him, whimpering as he squeezed her breasts in his hands, milking her of what she was worth. She bit down on the crook of his neck and muffled her moans as he pushed in harder and faster. He growled in her ear and bit down on her earlobe, sucking. She shuddered hard and felt that she was already on the edge.

She let go of his neck and raised a finger to her mouth and popped it inside, licking it thoroughly. She smiled at him seductively and made a show of sucking it. He groaned and started to thrust in an uneven pace making her weak. She took out the finger from her mouth and waved it past his hip and entered it in his derriere. He arched his back at the sudden intrusion and shuddered, his balls constricting, waiting for release.

She drove him to the brink as she added another finger and pushed it in and out of him in time with his thrusts. She convulsed around his length as she came with his mouth against hers and her eyes closed shut, darkness overpowering her senses. She felt his body shook with pleasure as she squeezed him free of his essence. Their juices mingled as the substance pursued down her thighs.

“W-why?” He asked her as she came down from her high.

She wanted to answer him but there are a lot of answers to his question so she limply lay in his arms and whispered. “Just because…”

I love you even though you will never know.


2 Responses to “Tryst”

  1. 1 Trip X

    so erotic and very sensual. I enjoy reading your blog.

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