Blood to Ink


The waves sing their pleas,
Endless like the sunset rays of glee,
Footprints adorn the soft sands,
Their hands entangled in ribbon strands.

Their colour red mix with their innocence,
Like black and white taints the simplicity,
The sound of the bell signals their sanity,
Ding, dong, ding.

Their tears would meet halfway through,
Cheeks would crash beneath the stars and moon,
The lips of the forbidden had never tasted so good,
Like the morning after they wished were theirs,
Through and through.

The end was near and he always had known,
Like the salty tears that kept falling,
They wouldn’t stop coming,
He would blame their blood,
He would blame their bond.

But she was slowly slipping away,
Just like what she said yesterday,
She would someday leave him alone,
But she would wait for him,
Forever, if he had known.

He would see her standing stiff,
Her eyes unfocused and pale,
But he reached out his hand and touched hers,
He held on tightly.

Like he would never let go,
And he can only wish he wasn’t entangled with her in blood,
He loved her.

He loved her.

Under the moon and stars,
He promised her,
He would love her till death,
He would love her in Heaven.

He would love her in plain white linen.

Just like how he loved her in tainted silk,
Soft and smooth like the comfort of her touch,
Smeared with red, black, and white,
Her innocence,
He loved her in sin.


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