Cheers to Another Year


My life is so dramatic, I noticed.

But that’s all in my head, I figured. Although, I wished life had background music whenever something happens. When I’m happy, there’s happy music. When I’m sad, there should be a piano ready nearby. Then I met you… there were voices in the background, there was alcohol spilt on the floor, and there was you… on the broken down couch alone and stupid looking.

I’ve seen you before, I’ve hung out with you before, but I’ve never had the chance to properly talk to you.

And when we did, we talked about music, about books, about everything under the sun. I knew you were coming unto me, you were quite obvious about it, but you were funny. You are smart. You are talented. And being near to each other gave off more heat than it should. But let’s pretend that we’re sober enough.

You took me by surprise that night because you were not the friendly type, I thought. We bumped into each other a couple of times in the past but you’ve never once laid your gaze on me. A passing glance, that I was. How funny things turned out, huh?

We had difficulties in this journey. Speed bumps, detours, and curved roads… but there was never a dead end. We thought, we decided, but we’re quick to take back.

I admit that I hate you in most times. I hate you with a passion. I loathed you. But then I’ll remember those times where you threw that bottle on top of the roof, it rolled down, and it landed on top of your head. When you walked in the rain with me as you took me home, our jackets the only ones protecting us from the rain. When we ran around the village, our laughters echoing across the quiet streets, my arms reaching out to you and me jumping at your back as we swayed.

When I went out and I promised that I would come and visit you… you waited the whole day but I never came–there are regrets. When you became friends with my family and finally became part of it as well. When you introduced me to your friends and welcomed to your world. When you made jokes with the girl in the Mc D’s drive through about the ketchup. When you taught me how to commute. When you left a book inside my bag. When you gave me a chocolate cake just because you saw in my status in YM that I was craving it. And when I sang to you as you fell asleep.

And then I start loving you again.

We have our ups and downs, but even then… we’re still a team, aren’t we? But please, just stop being so annoying.

More than a year has passed and I’m proud to say that we’re still staying strong. Who cares if I’m taller, who cares if you’re smarter, who cares if we live too far away from each other, who cares if you don’t notice the little things, who cares if I am too dense to appreciate the good things… who cares, really? We’re still together and everything else doesn’t matter. Well, they do, but still.

All I want to say is Happy Anniversary. It’s my first so I’m hoping we make it special. We didn’t really plan a date for it, but we did promise each other that it’d be the whole month so everything’s not too late. Let’s plan a picnic, let’s take a boat ride, let’s read a book together, let’s cook another experimental dish, let’s be together! Whatever we do, I’m sure we’ll make it epic.

Oh, and sorry if I keep watching Korean movies. Old habits die hard so you’ll have to endure my tears for a while. But I really wish there was background music in real life… that’d be awesome. :)

I love you.

And happy anniversary again. ♥


2 Responses to “Cheers to Another Year”

  1. It was my anniversary on the 25th, it’s been 16 years. The first years are the most fiery: but something you don’t call love at the beginning grows steadily, until you realise it was love all along, and the other thing was just sentiment. Such a complex thing, the relationship between two people. Your blog is lovely

    • 2 addybee

      Happy anniversary to you! Thank you so much for your kind comment, I appreciate it. I’m jealous of your 16 years, I sure hope we continue on like you guys! :)

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